The Steve Propes 45s Show

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4 Responses to “The Steve Propes 45s Show”

  1. June Draper Lynch Says:

    Steve, I’m the daughter of Songwriter, Jessie Mae Robinson. You interviewed in the late 80’s regarding her career. Please contact me I have some info for you. Thanks

  2. Rhid Says:

    Hi Steve! Just discovered your show. Great show, excellent laidback radio style from yourself and most importantly top notch 45’s!

    Rhid (UK)

  3. Newell Siler Says:

    Looking for a blog and or boogie music of Freddie Slack. One of my favorites I listened to during the 50’s. I even think Huggy Boy played his music once in a while from Dolphins at Vernon and Central. Thanks a lot for your assistance. Best regards…….

  4. Pam Ricks Says:

    Steve, wanted to let you know about the passing of Kell Osborne on January 29, 2012. Kell and my sister were together for 15 years.


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