California Eagle: Police Stop Teen-Agers Drink Party (Apr. 1, 1954)

Thurs. April 1, 1954

“Police Stop Teen-Agers Drink Party”

“SANTA MONICA—Police raided a crowd of 600 dancers at the Chase hotel Saturday night and stopped the dancing when they found scores of teen-agers among the heavy-drinking patrons. The dance reportedly was promoted by Jack Lauderdale, former owner of the Downbeat Record Shop and at present operator of the La-Dale motel, both in Los Angeles; John Dolphin, owner of Dolphin’s Record Co., Vernon and Central, Los Angeles, and his disc jockey, Richard “Huggie Boy” Hug.”

“Capt. Reinbold, of the Santa Monica police, said there were many juveniles drinking when he arrived, that one 16-year-old was already so drunk he could hardly stand up, and that there were no chaperons in evidence.  He also said that no permit had been obtained.”

“Police arrived about 10 o’clock; when summoned by the hotel. They ordered the dancing stopped, and also broke up fights that had broken out outside.”

Comment:  No doubt crazed by the wild beat of rock n roll, rhythm n blues.  In 1950, the Eagle gave a lot of ink to Dolphin when he opened his shop, but the amount of coverage seemed to relax as the Dolphin advertising budget slacked off.


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