Jesse Belvin “Beware” 1957

jesse-joanne1.gifbelvinhandbill2.jpegIn 1957, the Gassers backed Jesse Belvin on the exceptional ballad, “Beware” b/w “Dry Your Tears,” a reissue of his 1954 release “Hang Your Tears Out To Dry” on Dolphin’s RIH. “Beware” charted #30 on KDAY on Jan. 3 and #18 on KFWB on Jan. 18, 1958.

According to Tony Allen, ’Beware’ was written on the spur of the moment by Jesse. That’s how he wrote songs. He could write 50,000 songs on one chord. He wrote with his voice. It’s the same chords, he could take his voice and restructure it. He had a very unique talent with his voice. A common c chord, you could hear other instruments of his voice. ‘Guess Who’ and ‘Goodnight My Love’ were the same basic structure. If you took his voice out you’d hear the same melodic line, but he’d use his voice to trick you.”

Eugene Church claimed, “I’m one of the writers of ‘Beware,’ also one of the singers on ‘Beware.’”

Allen recalled, “Jessie just stood there, his trick of the trade was his voice. Other guys used tricks – flips, spinning – to get over, he just stood there to get to you. ‘Beware’ was Jesse Belvin, Gaynel and Alex Hodge and myself, singing second. Gaynel was tenor, Jesse was baritone, he overdubbed certain parts.”

Belvin’s “Beware” with dubbed in voices was reissued by Jesse Belvin & the Capris, really the Hollywood Saxons, on Tender in 1959, the result of a deal between John Dolphin’s widow Ruth and Tony Hilder, who had replaced George Motola at the Tender label at the time.

According to Hilder, he and Ruth Dolphin agreed to split the royalties on the reissued “Beware” in exchange for Dolphin getting a piece of “Play the Game Fair” by the Shields. According to a press release by Kitty Davis of Tender, “Beware” by Jesse Belvin & the Capris “brings out the true quality and style of the singer”

Not really, that had already been taken care of by Belvin in 1957.


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